K-12 Lessons and Activities

Included below are links to lesson plans and activities for students and teachers from the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, Flight 93 National Memorial, Pentagon Memorial Fund and the National Museum of American History.

National September 11 Memorial & Museum
Tribute Art and 9/11
This resource, developed in partnership with the September 11th Education Trust and the Social Studies School Service, focuses on the artistic response to 9/11. In the aftermath of the attacks, many people chose to respond through a range of artistic channels as part of the healing, recovery, and rebuilding process. In studying these responses, students learn how art is not only a means for self-expression, but can also serve as a vehicle for community-building and personal growth.
Audience: Elementary/middle/high school

The Spirit of Volunteerism
These materials explore the themes of service and volunteerism, examining acts of service both on the day of the event and the spirit of service that continued into the aftermath of 9/11. The centerpiece, an eight-minute film titled “The Spirit of Volunteerism: 9/11 and Beyond,” introduces people who channeled strong emotions and feelings into constructive acts of human kindness.
Audience: Middle/high school

Webcasts: Exploring 9/11
This webcast series, hosted by Director of Education, Cliff Chanin, explores the continuing impact of the attacks of September 11, 2001 on the United States and the global community.
Audience: High school

Talking to Your Children About 9/11
Every year, the attacks of 9/11 recede further into the past. However, for those of us who lost someone close or otherwise experienced that day — whether in person or on television — thinking and talking about 9/11 may still evoke strong emotions that transport us back to the tragedy and can jar emotions long forgotten. This resource from the National September 11 Memorial & Museum offers tips and a broad outline for parents to aid in talking to their children about 9/11.

National Museum of American History
Students’ Response to 9/11: A Documentary Report
This lesson plan invites students to document the national response to the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001 using polls, comment cards from teenagers, and their own reflections.
Audience: High school

OurStory: September 11
These resources, designed for children in grades K-4 and their caregivers, are based on the work of children’s literature, The Little Chapel That Stood. The goal of these activities is to provide a starting point to help families and classrooms discuss the shocking events of September 11 and how communities respond in times of trouble.

The Curator’s Challenge: Life in a Post-September 11 World
This lesson plan, designed for high school students, introduces students to the work of curators and the historical thinking skills associated with building a collection and telling an historical narrative with objects by inviting students to investigate artifacts that represent life after September 11.

Flight 93 National Memorial
Resources for Kids
This site includes guides for children and caregivers to the memorial and the tributes left at the memorial site.
Audience: Elementary/middle school

9/11-Never Forgotten
Audience: Middle/high school

A Nation Remembers September 11
Audience: Middle/high school

The Pentagon Memorial Fund

A Nation Remembers – Those Affected at the Pentagon
Audience: Middle/high school

A Nation Remembers – Honoring Lives Lost
Audience: Middle/high school